Anal Resting Pressure After LIS

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Re: Anal Resting Pressure After LIS

Postby Deleted User 2950 » 02 Dec 2013, 16:45

Scientist says
It could also be that people with high ARP are more likely to develop chronic fissures.

Sure they are, due to the lack of sufficient blood in the area from the high ARP. Then
we have to ask again whats causing the high ARP. Which may bring us back to
the hypertonicity.

Yeah dunno, but getting tested for these things does sound complicated and lengthy.
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Re: Anal Resting Pressure After LIS

Postby jr2 » 02 Dec 2013, 22:50

Generally speaking, people who go on to have hemorrhoids and fissures have a higher resting pressure than most people to begin with. (There are likely exceptions to this as in anything). But then, once the pathology is introduced, hemorrhoid or fissure, the anal pressure goes up even more in response to the problem. The only reason to perform a pressure test once there is already a fissure present is so that in considering LIS you can make sure it isn't one of those rarer cases where there is a fissure present WITHOUT an increase in resting pressure. ( This usually occurs in women whose fissure happened following childbirth.) And of course there isn't really a reason to perform a resting pressure test if someone isn't having any troubles. So, pressure tests aren't very commonly performed. From personal observation, however, I know that even without a fissure present, or any anal pain at all, I have a very tight muscle there. A simple finger test is all that is needed. It's just that when there is a fissure the tightness is even tighter. (Probably twice as tight).

So, why is the normal resting pressure chronically higher in some people, even without the presence of a fissure? One of the most obvious reasons is stress. Different people are prone to carry stress in different parts of their bodies. Some people carry it in their shoulders and neck, some in their back, and some of us are carrying it in our pelvic floor, which is, often times without even being conscious of it, tight and restricted.
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Re: Anal Resting Pressure After LIS

Postby pinpin » 03 Dec 2013, 02:27

That indeed is true, I can relate this to my story. I am introvert, which means I always experience stress in myself so to say, and never express this out emotionally. Well, about 4 years ago I even has spasms in head, which caused constatn dizziness.. All this stuff is regulated by autonomic nerve system, which internal sphincter also belongs to.

To confirm one more thing here, I never had urge to go before and could easily hold everything till next day or so, this means that sphincter was really in high tone, as urge feeling comes when BM touches dental line sending signal to internal sphincter to open, when you have real urge, external sphincter starts to act, you use it to hold things until you get to bathroom.

We got high resting pressure due to our nature and autonomic nerve system makes it spastic. This makes me believe that hemmie problems are also as JR2 stated, we got decreased blood flow in this area due to spasms, also spasms makes us more difficult to evacuate which causes straining and hemmies, and as we get them they cannot easily shrink down as we got bad blood flow. Again due to high tone.

If to take it closer to analyse my disease history, I got fissure in 2010, which healed in 3 months by itself. And it could increase tone again, train muscle. Now in February I got hemmie removed, but the problem I got was not probably hemmies, but the tone and now due to terrible pain for last 9 months it got even worse.

All this should be cured by LIS in majority cases, I believe.
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Re: Anal Resting Pressure After LIS

Postby msimon » 17 Sep 2014, 19:19

Here's the thing with this information though. Wouldn't LIS only lower the sphincter tone at that lower end where it is cut and not affect the whole muscle?

Guess this info means the risk of incontinence isn't that high then?
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