Broken skin on sentinel pile

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Broken skin on sentinel pile

Postby MissBailey » 13 May 2018, 06:42

I’ve had an AF for a few years - usually sorts itself. Had a colonoscopy 3 weeks ago which resulted in a perianal abscess and what seems to be a re-opened fissure. My doc said I might have sustained a “slight nick” during the procedure.
Anyway, now my sentinel pile is very red and has a tiny bit of broken skin (maybe the aforesaid nick).
Anyone else have strange going’s on with their sentinel pile??

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Re: Broken skin on sentinel pile

Postby mmklinemm » 14 May 2018, 20:01

I have an anterior sentinel pile from one of my pregnancies. I never even felt the AF that caused the sentinel pile. But that thing causes me so many problems and worries. It will itch, flare up, the skin will split at the base. I'll apply a tiny amount of Cortisone (feminine itch version), and it will shrink back down in a day or two.
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