Fissurectomy and Botox Recovery

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Fissurectomy and Botox Recovery

Postby cccmmm123 » 11 Jan 2023, 12:30

Hi all. I had a fissurectomy and botox procedure on 1/6/2023. It was done under general anesthesia. I've been dealing with an on and off fissure for a year. As of May 2022, it just never went away. By November, I developed a second fissure. I tried all the creams and home remedies. This surgery was my next resort.

Day of:
Aside from my panic attacks, everything went well. They put me in some kind of diaper before I woke up. They gave me 1 oxycodone 5mg before I left and I went home. I got there at 1030am and was out by 2pm.

I spent the day a little out of it, but no pain and ate as soon as I got home.

They prescribed me Oxycodone and Colace. They also suggested Tylenol/Advil for low-moderate pain and sitz baths 1-3 times per day.

I had some gauze and pads to help with blood. There was gauze placed inside my anus as well.

Day after:

They said I might not have a BM for up to a week. Oxycodone and anesthesia is constipating. Of course for me, this was not the case.

I had a BM at 11AM the next day. The first BM was honestly fine. Like I mean, maybe a 1 out of 10 pain scale. I ran to take the oxy when I felt it coming because I was so scared. It was way less painful than what I've been dealing with the past 6 months with the fissure. I took my sitz bath after and was totally fine.

What actually was painful was the cramps after. I starting getting SEVERE cramps in the area. I had to take another oxy. I laid in bed the rest of the day and the pain subsided.

The following days:

The only time I had severe pain was with the cramping on the first day after. It never happened again. I am 5 days out now and off of the Oxy. Day 4 I only took 4 advils throughout the day and today I haven't taken any.

I did nothing the first 2 days, but went out for a walk Day 3. I feel fine enough to go walk around. Probably can't resume any higher activity for awhile. I cannot weight lift until she gives me the okay.

I do lightly bleed throughout the day. Mostly at night while I'm asleep. Nothing crazy though. Not that much blood after each BM.

I am in wayyyy less pain now post surgery than I was pre surgery. I wish I had done it sooner!

The botox is already working and I will see my doctor for a follow up in 2 weeks.

I took a look at the area and it looks fine! Nothing scary. I did also ask to get my skin tags removed and the surgeon said she would. However, looking at the area, they look like they are still there just smaller. Not sure what that's about, but I'm hoping they somehow go away? I will ask at my next visit.

All in all, a really easy quick procedure. Don't know why I was so worried.
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