Scared but hopeful

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Scared but hopeful

Postby wpardue777 » 11 Feb 2018, 22:10

I’m 40 and have had hemmroids as far back as I could remember on outside at least unsure if internal.

2 weeks ago noticed after BM bright red blood was coming out.. a lot at first and sometimes with what I think may be blood clots. I was horrified and after a couple days went to my doctor. He never checked me over just listened to my symptoms and put me on antibiotics for 5 days and said come back if still bleeding.

So here’s what I know.. it feels like knifes or glass coming through my anal canal when I,have a BM that pushes open that area a lot or strained I guess. It drips blood even but since I’ve been on high fiber diet drinking more water and use RX cream that heals,deadens, area I’ve noticed that I have BMs at times with absolutely no blood. But not all the time. If I do have blood it’s after the BM and not intermixed with it.

I like many scour internet for answers and self help.. I may have a hemmroid internally for all I know but fast forward and I made decision to go to a GI doctor and he wants to,do a colonoscopy this Friday . Now I’m a guy and scared to death of such things but I imagine I’m not the only one to experience this. But I’d you have some insight for me please share.
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Re: Scared but hopeful

Postby Deleted User 7033 » 05 Mar 2018, 10:42

I can only recommend what worked for me. Its interesting to hear your doctor put you on antibiotics.
From my experience I've found the body will heal itself unless there's an underlying problem which your doctor seems to know about.
I believe there's parasites, pathogens or a baterial infestation in the wound which wont allow it to heal.
My symptoms were as you've described.
I tried Pine Oil and it worked a like a charm.
Try the sugar cube method 5ml per cube or 10ml 2 cubes. I've tried 15ml but felt unwell so kept to 5 or 10ml. Taken 3 times a week.
Just drop the oil onto the sugar and chew. My symptoms literally went away without any effort at all.
You will be advised against using 100% pure pine oil but thats just how things are in the medical industry.
Any questions just ask.
Deleted User 7033

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