Worst pain I've ever had

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Worst pain I've ever had

Postby hurtinend » 11 Dec 2017, 19:56

I've been on this board for several years. Bouncing in and out of pain mode. Was diagnosed with a fissure like 10 years ago, I think it's healed 10 times....

In July I went back to colo surgeon due to pain. He scoped and didn't see anything. He told me he thought I may have pelvic pain syndrome. He gave me nifedipine, no help.

The pain now is daily and constant. It's like a burning, spasming, tightness. Like there is an inflamed marble up my rectum. I am losing my mind, don't know what to do anymore. Add to that this issue makes urination difficult. I'm seeing a pelvic physiotherapist now but so far no help.

Sorry for the rant but I can't live this way and am desperate for answers. I have tried everything.
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Re: Worst pain I've ever had

Postby dmcff » 12 Dec 2017, 05:49

I'm really sorry to hear this, hurtinend. As someone who suffers daily in something of the same way, I don't have any immediate answers. The last CRS I saw couldn't even find any evidence of fissures or haemorrhoids, and referred me to a pelvic floor specialist whom I'll see next month.

The only things (besides nerve blockers and stool softeners) I've found that really help are physical exercise and concentrating my mind on intellectual tasks that seem to relieve the pain temporarily.

The pain that's such an unfortunate aspect of this condition is both physical and mental, I've found. Somehow if one can find a way of dealing with the pain psychologically, it seems to recede a bit. Counselling/psychotherapy can help with this, and perhaps also meditation of various kinds.

Sorry, I know this is not much of a reply, but it's the best I can think of right now. Hope you can find some relief soon - maybe also you could see a CRS and tell them what you are going through?
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