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Your anus wants what's best for you...

Postby ring_of_fire » 30 Dec 2022, 23:00

Over the last week I feel as if I have earned a MA, or at least a BA, in Anal Fissure treatment. A week ago my CRS confirmed I had an anal fissure. Five days ago another GI doctor confirmed the diagnosis, and described it as being 1 cm in length and fairly deep. 24 hours ago I was in excruciating pain - thank God there were no deadly weapons in the house or I might have been tempted to use them involuntarily just to end my suffering. Today for whatever reason I am feeling better - I thought it might be because I had fewer BM's as the Miralax worked itself out of my system, but perhaps it is more than that.

Early this morning as I was going through yet another anal spasm after a BM, I said to myself this cannot continue, what I have to do is take a few weeks off from work and go on a healing fast. By fasting my body, I will give my anus time to rest and recover. I prepared an email to my supervisor explaining my situation. I even got out a calendar, and perched on a chair with a throbbing backside checked how many sick and vacation days I had in my bank, and planned how I would use each to take off the entire month of January. I said to myself, "I am going to take advantage of this - this healing fast is something to look forward to." Shortly after, the anal spasms began to dissipate.

From what I have learned over the last week, what seems to happen is this - you have a BM, the BM aggregates the AF causing pain, the pain from the AF causes your anus to tighten, which in turn cuts off the blood supply and makes the AF hurt more, which causes the anus to tighten more, which causes the AF to hurt more, on and on in a vicious extremely painful cycle.

So the question is how to break the cycle? After all, if a very tight anus is what is causing the problem, it only stands to reason that a loose, relaxed anus will solve the problem. So how to achieve this? How to loosen the anus? There are many ways it seems - surgery and dilation to loosen the anus mechanically, prescription creams such as diltiazem, nifedipine, and nitro to loosen it chemically, sitz baths and other non-prescription creams with lidocaine, menthol, camphor, etc to loosen it thermally with heat, physical therapy to loosen it mechanically in a different way, fiber, water and laxatives to encourage or help loosen it when you use the anus to do what it is meant to do, etc. But what is the common theme here - they are all meant to loosen or relax the anus, so the blood will flow and the fissure will heal itself naturally.

But can you have a loose relaxed anus if the rest of your body is tense and riddled with anxiety, perhaps over the pain caused by the AF, perhaps over something else such as work, money, relationships, or the state of the world? Perhaps the first thing one should do when dealing an AF is to examine your own life, figure out what is causing you anxiety and stress, be it the pain caused by the AF or something else, and come to terms with these issues first. Then when your body is relaxed, your anus will naturally relax or at the very least it will be more receptive to the many different modalities of treatment we mentioned in the paragraph above.

And it a sense why shouldn't it - maybe your tight anus is telling you something. Change your perceptions, feelings or beliefs that are causing you stress, relax your body, and your anus will follow. After all, you deserve it, you deserve to be relaxed and happy don't you? In the end, your anus is just another part of your body, and it wants what is best for you...
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