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A Solution!

Postby lana » 06 Jun 2016, 00:25

Hey guys,

I'm 30 years old and I have been a long time sufferer of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and overall a shitty digestive system for 10 years up until 2 years ago when things started moving in a positive direction for me.

It all started when I was 18 - constant straining - dieting - paleo - weight loss - binge eating - weight gain - calorie restriction: needless to say a whole lot of confusion and constipation. I totally fucked up my metabolism which resulted in me having to deal with a closet full of skeletons down there. Vagina and butt issues were the only consistent thing in my life for a while. It was hard to talk to anyone about this because well; number 1. it was embarrassing! and number 2. No one owned up to it - it was just something that happened to their grandmas.

Here I was - a young woman with a pretty good career and prospects of dates but instead I was focused on my health and nothing worked - nothing. Doctors would tell me I was healthy. Friends would tell me I needed to shut up because I was thin and in good shape (because you know thin people don't have health issues and a gym membership will cure all your ailments, right?) My issues were NOT important because as long things appear clean on the surface why dive in?

Cut to the chase; about 2 years ago I started changing my Diet! I gave up red meat for a month and felt better and then I gave up chicken and then fish and then dairy. I started watching documentary after documentary on animal agriculture and moved at a glacial speed towards veganism. I used to go every other day but not without shedding a few drops of blood, sweat and tears. I started going everyday, sometimes two times a day without any discomfort. I felt light - I no longer had that heavy energy that weighed me down. I had headaches all the time which disappeared. Sometimes when I would be cleaning around the house and get back up my head would start spinning - that situation also fixed itself.

All I'm saying is - as a girl who used to bleed every single trip to the bathroom - It rarely ever happens.
As a girl who would cry every night because the pain was so unbearable - I hardly ever feel that physical pain.
As a girl who would have anxiety at work and at social hang outs because I would always be either constipated or on the verge of shitting my pants - I never have to worry about that!

Please give Plant based diet a try. It will CHANGE you life. I have lost weight, pain, and the greed to take part in this unethical agenda that's killing our planet and innocent animals. Do it for your health and you'll only foster in this lifestyle. Something good will happen to you :)!

PS: If you are currently experiencing hemorrhoids and anal fissures - try making your own coconut oil suppository. From personal experience - it works like a charm.
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Re: A Solution!

Postby Fissurefrustration » 15 Jun 2016, 03:26

Thanks for your input!

I'm glad that's worked for you and it sounds like your coming through on the other side.

Suffering since June 2013

Methods tried:
GTN cream - migraines!
Manuka Honey / Coconut oil / Aloe
tag excision X 2, botox x 3
dilatation 2 X daily + Retin-C Vitamin Scar Treatment Oil 2 X daily - best thing ever.
Now pain free 2/7/21
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