Chronic Fissure Gone in 2 and 1/2 weeks after home treatment

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Chronic Fissure Gone in 2 and 1/2 weeks after home treatment

Postby AdrianJames » 05 Feb 2023, 07:05

I don't usually do stuff like this but I have been suffering from a painful nasty Anal fissure for over 2 years and I have finally got rid of it. I would like to share with you all what I did and hopefully help someone out with my advice.
A bit about me first;
I am 35 years old male, I live in the uk, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and lift weights, I rarely do cardio. I don't have a set diet but I do eat quite clean i.e No cakes, sweets, etc and I don't eat spicey foods especially for the sting "ring reason". I don't know how I got the fissure but all I remember is that it started being very painful wiping with toilet paper one day, so after I pooed I would wash my bum with the hand held shower head straight after I finished pooing. There would be lots of blood in my stool and when I wiped with the paper it would be covered in blood. Being a typical male I overlooked this and did not go see a doctor, I thought it would eventually just go away... I was wrong, this went on for years. It got to the point where I would have insomnia because I would feel a pulsating, clenching sore sensation in my bum hole when I would lay in bed at night. This made it impossible to sleep. Driving was also just as bad, I don't know what it is with driving but the position of the car seat made the pain even worse.
One day I had enough of the pain and phoned the doctor, I told her my symptoms and assured her it was not a pile as I did my research and there was no dangly bit hanging out from my anus, the doctor also agreed that from the way I described it that it could be a Fissure. I was prescribed Rectogesic 4mg/g. I was told to take this for 4 weeks and if the pain had not subsided then come back for an examination. The pain did not go away after 4 weeks so I went back for examination, I was told I had 2 fissures and this could be fixed with a Botox injection in the rectum. I was not willing to go ahead with this operation as I was told that lifting weights and straining could cause an accident in my shorts for the next 6 months as that's how long it would take for it to heal and Botox to ware off. So I went back to the drawing board and did a lot of self experimentation on what works/doesn't and this is what I came up with...

In the morning around about 6am after I poo I would go in the shower afterwards and insert finger slightly in anus to clean with warm water. Towel dab bum hole to dry, then apply Rectogesic 4mg with index finger slightly to the walls of my anus. This stops the clenching muscle contraction feeling as it is a muscle relaxant. Then I would get a finger tip amount of Sudocrem and apply over the Rectogesic cream, the same way as before. I would get a slight headache from the Rectogesic as it is a known side effect but it would ware off after 10 mins. So I would have both Rectogesic and Sudocrem in my bum at work. After I finished work I would sometimes need another Poo, so this process would be repeated weather or not I had a poo or didn't have a poo. It was important to do this Recto/Sudocrem application twice per day only. On a night time I would struggle to get to sleep with the pain sometimes so I would use a hot water bottle and put it between my legs/bum cheeks and this would sooth the pain and allow me to fall asleep. I did this for 2 and a 1/2 weeks then a miracle happened one day when I woke up! I went to the toilet for a number 2 and it passed with no pain at all. Still to be on the safe side I repeated the cream application process for a few weeks after and then I finally ran out of the Rectogesic. Now I only apply Sudocrem after a poop. I use baby wipes to clean my bum now. I have not had any pain for over 2 months now. I hope this helps someone out there. I found that a set routine is a important part of the healing process and you have to be patient with it. It does not heal straight away but you got to hang in there and give this a try. Changed my life. Before I was miserable and 80% of my conversations with people I would mention how much pain I was in with my ass, I had no quality of life with the constant throbbing pain and worrying about having a poo all the time. Feel free to message me after reading this. Take care
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Re: Chronic Fissure Gone in 2 and 1/2 weeks after home treat

Postby AF3 » 10 Feb 2023, 05:23

Thank you Adrian James, your story was uplifting to read and gives me home. Wish you the best!
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