Diltiazem/Lidocaine + Forces of Nature?

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Re: Diltiazem/Lidocaine + Forces of Nature?

Postby Downandout » 31 May 2016, 11:48

fieldingmellish wrote:Wanted to give you an update. Been using the forces of nature in tandem with the Diltiazem for about a week now. Unfortunately not having much improvement. I can't tell you how disappointed I am. I've been applying the FON with a cotton ball (which is what they recommend on their youtube page), but maybe that wasn't effective enough, so now I have switched to using a Q-Tip to get up there further. This doesn't seem ideal either though because some of the forces of nature stuff tends to drip off the end of the Q-Tip. Only thing I haven't tried is putting some on a glove and jamming a finger up there.
Sigh. I had such high hopes for this stuff. I'm not saying it's not effective, but I'm starting to feel so out of options. (aside from surgery, which I'd rather avoid if possible.)

I totally understand the disappointment. It's a life wrecking condition which is why we're here on this forum for support. Sorry to hear it hasn't provided you any relief. Just keep doing whatever you have to do it. Hang in there. I'm not healed either and I've been dealing with it for like 5 months but it doesn't consume every waking minute of my day either. If you come across something that helps you out, please share.
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Re: Diltiazem/Lidocaine + Forces of Nature?

Postby fieldingmellish » 31 May 2016, 12:33

It doesn't consume every minute of my day--but I feel like the surgery is going to be inevitable. Even if the fissure heals, I feel like I'm always one BM away from a re-tear of the fissure :-(
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Re: Diltiazem/Lidocaine + Forces of Nature?

Postby thedude » 31 May 2016, 14:35

Just wanted to say this:

Don't be afraid of surgery. I don't want to get you thinking healing with ointments isn't possible, but I did Diltiazem / Lidocaine for 2-3 months and ended up with my fissure being a bit longer after, and I ended up developing an abscess.

I had a fissurectomy + abscess drain + clean up any fistula from the abscess last Wednesday. The pain from when the fissure first happened was far far worse than the pain from the surgery. In fact, the only pain I have right now is immediately after a BM, it feels like I aggravated a cut, but it goes away very quickly, especially with a hot bath. I'd say it's about a 3 or so on the 1-10 pain scale. After that my day goes on like normal. Even immediately after and the day after my surgery, my pain for 95% of the day is non existent.

So don't be afraid of surgery. If you've tried the ointments for a while, it might be time to try something else.

Best of luck!
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