How to keep the anal glands clean

Clean anal glands

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How to keep the anal glands clean

Postby Cporosus1 » 15 Aug 2015, 09:35

Hi everyone,

As many of you have no doubt found out, a perianal abscess is created when one of the anal glands becomes clogged and thus infected (just like a pimple, only much, much worse). I'm curious if any of you have read anything about how exactly we can keep the anal glands nice and clean. Of course, most of the time there is no problem...but things like diarrhea and excessive pushing of hard stools can lead to this clogging. I had an abscess drained on October 31st, 2014 and I had a fistulotomy at the same spot on January 7th, 2015....I was fully healed by April 10th-11th but some mild pain would come and go for a few months after (it IS a big scar, afterall). Now my main goal is to never let it happen again. I spoke with a very experienced CRS who stated it was "highly unlikely" that I would develop another abscess at a different anal gland, but I'd still like to know what everyone's thoughts are on keeping them from getting clogged. I only use wet wipes during BMs now and I use a bidet once a day as well. In addition, my diet is much more fiber focused and I use Metamucil. I DO NOT have Crohn's or any other bowel issue.
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Re: How to keep the anal glands clean

Postby Garrod » 16 Aug 2015, 06:39

Hi Cporosus,

Having had two fistulotomies, I am very interested to know how this can be prevented. Though second fistulotomy in my case was not a result of another clogged anal gland, but healing was outside first...

I've heard the same from my CRS, it is very unlikely is happens again.

Abscess came as a surprise to me, as I didn't have any diarhhea or whatever issues prior to abscess. So mentally I've been struggling to realize why it happens and whether I was doing something wrong... The only thing I can relate to is weakend immune system at the time when abscess formed (I was aware of it, but no supplements/diet etc. could help it, and stress potentially triggered it). So whatever 'mechanical' gland issue there was, there was no proper immune system response to it. So potentially, even when doing everything properly, proper cleaning, proper food/stool, etc. even a slight issue with one of these, may be bigger problem when body cannot deal with it. I know my case is only one data (datum?) point, but it may also be something to think of for this issue, as with any other infection. I'm not into medical science, so this may not even make sense :/
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Re: How to keep the anal glands clean

Postby msimon » 16 Aug 2015, 11:27

My abscess followed my LIS surgery. I think that is often the case (some sort of surgery down there anyway), although I am sure they can happen for unknown reasons too. I have to agree with the weakened immune system. Mine was at the time too. I was severely stressed and malnourished from suffering with my AF for almost a year by the time I went in for LIS. I had severe depression and actually was wishing I would not wake up from the anesthetic. My CRS also told me it would be very unlikely to happen again. Let's hope they are all right!
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