I have tried everything (7 year anal fissure)

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I have tried everything (7 year anal fissure)

Postby terrancewifflespoon » 21 Jul 2021, 08:34

Hi all,

As the title says, I have had this fissure for 7 years. I am a 30 year old male. It has absolutely changed my life for the worse as you all know. I wanted to list the remedies I've tried in an attempt to get some advice. I am seeing a doctor and a new surgeon about possible LIS.

1. Magnesium oxide 500mg in the morning. I took this 4 months ago for the first time and thought I finally found the cure to my problems. My BM's were finally normal and I was not tearing. This lasted about 3 months until it simply stopped working. I have no idea why it stopped. It makes me think I was heading down the right path though as I was able to stop all other supplements (listed below).
2. Colace stool softeners. At one point I was taking 15-20 of these a day (recommended dose is 1-3). I still take 3 a day and it does...nothing. This leads me to believe there is an issue with my digestion.
3. Fiber supplements. As many know there are mixed beliefs here on fiber. I generally try for actual food that contains fiber but, again, at one point I was taking 2-4 capsules with each meal.
4. Drinking a TON of water. Peeing every 30-45 min. Consuming a gatorade each day as well for electrolytes.
5. Metamucil twice a day, morning and night. This helps some but just not enough to actual stop the initial tear.
6. Nfedipine ointment Rx. This stops the burning/spasms (sometimes).
7. Shower after every BM. Probably the most useful and obvious step I'm taking to ensure cleanliness.
8. Dipping tobacco or nicotine pouches. I did this for about a year and it caused loose stools and my fissure was not an issue at all. A week after I stopped it was back worse than ever. I have actually recently started again hoping for some relief.
9. I generally have a healthy diet. Consuming broccoli or some natural source of fiber with each meal. Apples, pears, fruit. It just doesn't make sense that my diet can be good, and still tear, and yet over the past weekend vacation I took eating pizza and burgers I was fine for a few days.

First surgeon recommended botox to loosen. Only problem is, this gives the fissure months to heal, and as I mentioned in point 8. I gave the fissure about 10-12 months to heal when I was dipping. So would botox be any different?

LIS is my last resort I guess.

I think the biggest thing I want to mention is that at one point, for months, the magnesium actually worked. It made my stools soft enough to pass without tearing which leads me to believe there has to be another chemical solution. I am conflicted because I feel like there is a supplement that can lead me to having a normal BM again.

I bought another kind of magnesium (citrate) and it produced a BM at night which was abnormal, meaning perhaps I should try that instead of magnesium oxide.
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Re: I have tried everything (7 year anal fissure)

Postby Bottom Gun » 21 Jul 2021, 11:52

Terrance, here is what is FINALLY helping me:
I have suffered from an anal fissure for 13 years.

Have done sitz baths, used Boudreaux Butt Paste (a great help), and taken Muralax for several years (helps a lot).


This is what I do:

1. Clean area as best you can.
2. Apply a thimbleful of Vaseline. Try to get some inside.
3. Protect your underwear with a pad or paper napkin.
4. Repeat about 12 times daily.
5. Continue for 4 weeks.

I am in my 19th day of doing this and truly believe the fissure is healed. No more pain, no more blood. No more swelling. Note – I am continuing to take 1 tablespoon Muralax daily. I don’t need a difficult stool to ruin the progress I’ve made.

Progress to date:

days 1-5. No noticeable changes
days 6-8, notable improvements, blood spotting is diminishing
day 9 blood spotting has stopped, no more pain
days 10- today, I am convinced that the fissure has healed

This is an adaptation of the technique my surgeon prescribed to heal the 3” scar following a recent surgery to remove a small skin cancer on my neck. I thought – if it will work there, why not adapt this on other parts of the body. I think that a fissure is like a surgical scar, only smaller (thou it feels as big as the Grand Canyon). Dermatologists recommend the use of Vaseline because it keeps the skin moist during the healing process, which promotes healing.

This is definitely working for me. Vaseline and paper napkins are cheap.

I would try to avoid surgery or Botox treatment. I had hemorrhoid surgery many years ago, that recovery was difficult. Do your research before choosing surgery as surgery involves risk. My fissure occurred in 2008 during my recovery from an operation involving general anesthesia. During my recovery I became severely constipated. When I finally had a BM after 3 days my fissure occurred.

After my 4 weeks are over, I intend to continue with the daily Muralax indefinitely, I NEVER want another fissure in my life.

Let this forum know if you try this and what results you achieve. Good luck!
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