Chronic Suffer for at least 1 year

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Chronic Suffer for at least 1 year

Postby westbcoast » 26 Oct 2017, 12:27

Hi All,

I was a chronic suffer for 1 year, couldn't sit, couldn't stand, couldn't walk, constant aggravating pain. I am also a cancer patient and suspect the medication may have had something to do with my fissure, when you have diarrhea it could cause additional issues for fissures.

That been said, I tried everything honey, coconut oil, 2 different creams from 2 different doctors, staying off certain foods like tea, coffee caffeine etc. Absolutely try these solutions, try avoid certain food groups for 3 months. If you eat a lot of dairy, cut down on your dairy, if you drink a lot of coffee and tea, cut it out completely or reduce it dramatically.

My doctor said something interesting, if you an Eczema suffer, it could be a skin condition.

I saw two proctologists who threw different types of cream at me that didn't work, it helped relieved the issue but didn't cure it.

I also was desperate and saw a Osteopath. Stay away from the Natural and Homopath's they do things differently. The Osteopath was interesting as she did internal work, physiotherapy and acupuncture. She didn't have experience with my issue but I believe she helped with the exercises she recommended.

Two things stood out and I am sure the many things I tried probably helped towards my recovery but two things stood out as key.

1. Drink lots of fluids, I can't recommend this enough, just fill your body with fluids. Drink in the morning, lunch and evening and in between. I would recommend Water, Juices, Fruit smoothies as the bulk. Avoid coffee, alcohol, tea (you can drink herbal, caffeine free tea)

2. The second thing was from the osteopath, she gave me a bunch of exercises to do each day. Go see an osteopath if you have one in your area, especially if they have additional skills like acupuncture, physiotherapy. If you need one in Vancouver, BC I can recommend one.

Anyway she described my buttocks as a plateau which makes sense. Don't let your buttocks tighten or get squished when you sit. Spread them out. The way you do this is sit, wear lose clothing (doesn't work with jeans as well). Then pull your left cheek to the left and your right buttock cheek to the right as if you forming a flat plateau. Sit straight, walk straight with your back almost leaning backwards so you body is straight. If you hunch backing all the time, this will be a problem.

It is really tricky to keep your body straight, but once you realize you are not, it will help. Anyway when you sit make sure you butt is spread out, it will be painful at first but just keep on doing this, keep spreading your butt left and right. You can also try put a soft ball just under your leg before your butt to remind you to do this.

Additional to those two things, do the obvious things or not so obvious
1. Refrain from any caffeine or excess caffeine
2. If you allergic to dairy, try stay off milk and cheese/yogurt for 3 months to see if you condition improves
3. Avoid any excess food you might be eating, chocolate, milkshakes etc, try eat healthy, avoid fatty unhealthy foods in excess. I mean enjoy life, but don't go to McDonalds every day if this is what you do or don't buy that big cup of coffee from starbucks or tim hortons, change your lifestyle.
4. Try the creams and medications, honey, coconut oil etc, who knows it might help.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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