Progress, hopefully

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Progress, hopefully

Postby thinkING » 18 Sep 2016, 07:28

Thank you to everyone on this forum - you helped a lot. In this spirit, here are some strategies that I think helped me with something that was at times agony and I wish on no-one:

In short, I constantly treated my AF like a deep wound in a dumb place. With that in mind...

To reduce the chance of trauma with every BM, I:
a) made sure I had eaten enough fibre AND water
b) made sure I had eaten enough fat as a lubricant
c) avoided foods with sharp edges - so peeled raw cucumbers for example, then cut them and mixed in olive oil
d) ate canned foods, as being processed they would likely be mush on the way out (no corn though, canned or not!)
e) injected some vaseline-based Anusol into my butt minutes before every BM. The applicator was not originally completely smooth so I quickly sandpapered it, and I had to figure out the right angle to enter from so I did not rescratch the AF.
f) raised my feet when having a BM with a couple of blocks of wood on the floor (i.e. moving to more-squatting than sitting position). Seemed to be easier to have a BM with less trauma, so I'll stick with this for a while.

I figure deep wounds need to be kept clean and handled carefully - which is particularly difficult given where this is - but this meant after every BM:
a) never using toilet paper, but instead using only sitz baths (immersing my butt in warm water) for 10-15 minutes and sometimes very, very gentle wiping with a wet wipe that had been rinsed in water.
b) using a sitz bath that fit on the toilet so fills quickly to save time and water. I taped an extra plastic lip to the edge to raise the water level higher than intended by the manufacturer, so although my floor got a bit wet, my butt was more deeply immersed.
c) used a drug store thermometer to check the water was never too hot for the wound (< 39 Celsius I figured).
d) if ever I had pain later (even if I had already used one sitz bath), I had another sitz bath, and lo and behold, more sediment visible and my wound often hurt a lot less!
e) ...on occasions had to repeat (d) three times over the space of 90 minutes.
f) to prevent the wound getting too dry with all these sitz baths, I alternated coconut oil and water with just water in the baths.
g) ...then returned to my workday as best as possible, but avoided sitting as much as possible. This meant kneeling or standing at my computer desk.

I figured if my wound ever hurt then it was not healing, and likely because small sediment was stuck in it (or I guess it may have been involuntary muscle contractions). Either way. whenever it hurt when I was out walking, or trying to run, or sitting in a chair, I immediately stopped and... you guessed it... to the home or office washroom and into the sitz bath! I personally stopped using painkillers as I figured this may only hide the real reason it hurt, and not help solve the problem.

Ok - that is everything I can think of. Do see a doctor for diagnosis and/or their advice, be patient... and best of luck to all!!!
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Re: Progress, hopefully

Postby pinpin » 01 Nov 2016, 05:48


Thank you for sharing your story, I can relate to squatting position, my believe it is crucially important as majority of fissures are posterior, and there is definitely something to do with the pressure BM is causing on that area.
07.02.2013 - got open hemorrhoidectomy, leaded to slow healing wound. Link to story
11.12.2013 - LIS surgery
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