Slow recovery after Hemorrhoidectomy

Slow healing, mental health, light in the end of tunnel

Do you have Hemorrhoids and are contemplating or have had a Hemorrhoidectomy? If you are thinking of surgery, or want to ask questions on anything to do with Hemorrhoids, or want to share with others who have been through this, this is the place!

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Re: Slow recovery after Hemorrhoidectomy

Postby Savaici » 14 Sep 2015, 11:21

Great to hear, PP! I think I get a fissure from time to time, but without the agonies of those first ones.
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Re: Slow recovery after Hemorrhoidectomy

Postby Vinitaroy » 29 Mar 2016, 06:38

I believe I have a thrombosed external hemmoroid as it matcheses the description here. It was very swollen and about two days ago I think it tore open on one side after a bowel movement. It started bleeding and i saw what looked like a blod clot come out of it. now it has been bleeding since that happened and forthe past 36 hours. i have been putting some folded up tissue up there so that it won’t stain my underwear. Is this bleeding normal? Should I go to a walk in clinic? If so, what can i expect they will do for me?
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Re: Slow recovery after Hemorrhoidectomy

Postby pinpin » 30 Mar 2016, 00:21

I think if you got it opened, bleeding is normal, but it should stop eventually. Important to understand whether you started feel relief when clot came out. If you did, then this is definitely sounds like thrombosed hemorrhoid.
07.02.2013 - got open hemorrhoidectomy, leaded to slow healing wound. Link to story
11.12.2013 - LIS surgery
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Re: Slow recovery after Hemorrhoidectomy

Postby thatpinoydude » 15 Jun 2016, 07:44

Hello. I just had hemorrhoidectomy, PPH, polypectomy and LIS done and 4 days post op.

Currentlt no bleeding (only bit of smudge), minimal pain and normal BM.

Just remember to keep your stool soft (i take movical 2 sachets at night), lots of fruits especially papaya, baked veggies, yogurt, 3L of water a day, and stay away from red meat! Stick with fish and poultry (minimal) if you can. I also take turmeric supplement, very good anti inflammatory and anti cancer agents, Rutin supplement as vasodilator, mangosteen supplement, moringa supplement, and b-complex.

Also do 10 mins light walk after meals, this should help with digestion a bit. Sitz bath with betadine drops after BM, then apply betadine ointment to disinfect the perianal area.

May sound like a dietician but i swear ive engorged on burgers and steaks and soda my whole life and i can 100% say that's what ended me here in this operation.

I hope you will have a smooth recovery! Praying for you all
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