Soft stool gets stuck? Scared it will reopen fissure

I am looking to see if anyone has pretty soft feces stick out, but won't come out?

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Soft stool gets stuck? Scared it will reopen fissure

Postby scared_notbacktowork » 30 Oct 2017, 21:30

Hi All,

I had the botox procedure on 9/20 along with an internal skin tag removed. I was in terrible pain for 5 days until the colrec doc prescribed Gaberpentin for what he thinks was nerve pain due to him scrapping the scar tissue around the fissure down (fissure had been there for several months and in his opinion was on the extreme side). Almost 6 weeks later and I'm starting to feel better, but I'm scared because my stool gets stuck and feels like it is really stretching my rectum (blood still present) I experienced incontinence for a bit, then weeks 3-5 I started having about two bowel movements a day (sometime 3) that weren't really formed, but came out easy (had to run to the bathroom when it was time to go though so I couldn't leave the house or I would likely have not made the bathroom. Which means I have been out of work!!). This was happening with the help of a stool softener in the morning and mirlax and another stool softener at night. I'm on week 6 and have two bowel movements a day on average, but they do not come out easily. In the morning it is usually worse. For example I had to use coconut oil around my rectum to help a poop that was sticking out, but stuck. My stool seems relatively soft, but this is still happening? Has this happened to anyone before. I still take a stool softener in the morning and at night, but am off the miralax.

I eat at least 30g of fiber a day, at least 128 oz of water (usually more), I don't drink, eat red meat or ice cream or candy anymore and I exercise daily. I'm confused because I have never been constipated before and is this really constipation if I go twice a day? Should I add the miralax back in?

Has this happened to anyone before?
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Re: Soft stool gets stuck? Scared it will reopen fissure

Postby Anne2017 » 01 Nov 2017, 12:33

Hi there. Not sure if I can help you, but I know from experience how lumpy stools can set you back. Or stools that remain behind and become hard.
You can actually eat to much fiber. Try simply eating healthy and wisely. No white bread or white rice, try brown bread, wholemeal pasta and chicken. Eat plenty of vegetables. Lunch, I add kiwi, apple, fresh fruitjuice. And plenty of fluids. All day long.
Also I take Magnesiumhydroxide tablets. An osmotic Laxative. It retains water in your bowel, stools come like porridge. See if your Pharmacist can advice you on this. As a Pharmacy Technician I can tell you it is save to use. Those tablets are still my lifesaver.
Also check your position on the toilet. Knees higher, and use breathing Technique (breath in to hollow back, breath out to round back, 10times}. When you have a BM you want it quick and above all complete. I use a Squatty Potty but anything will do that elevates your knees. English is obviously not my first language, I hope it all makes sense! From the Netherlands all the best for a speedy recovery.
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Re: Soft stool gets stuck? Scared it will reopen fissure

Postby hurtinend » 02 Nov 2017, 18:44

I was on Gabapentin some time ago. I found it constipating. Possibly in your case it is part of the problem
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