Help with monotonous diet...please!!!!

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Help with monotonous diet...please!!!!

Postby Guest » 25 Jan 2008, 16:04

I've been sticking to my AF diet religiously and I've even lost weight. (Yay!!! Not the diet that I would recommend, but it's a nice bonus.) Anyway, I know there's other stuff out there that I can eat, but I'm really afraid to experiment. So, every day I have only slight variations on the same theme:
Breakfast: All Bran Buds with Activia yogurt and fruit
Lunch: Salad or cooked veggies with a small amount of chicken/fish and fruit
Dinner: Salad or cooked veggies with chicken/salmon/turkey and usually a slice of wheat bread with olive oil and basil/oregano
Advice please!! I've tried lentil soup, which was yummy, but I had a delayed bm (larger and harder to pass) the day after and I'm scared that's what caused it. Maybe too much fiber when I added that? Who knows? It may not have even been connected to that, but it scared me nonetheless.
Anyway, any idea on ways to spice up this bland diet and add some variety would be wonderful. Thanks!

Re: Help with monotonous diet...please!!!!

Postby Guest » 25 Jan 2008, 16:38

Gosh, I wish I could be of help but I eat pretty much the same thing that you do. Except I don't eat meat.

I love to eat frozen fruit, thawed out a little bit (like cherries or blueberries). I put stevia on them and some cool whip and it gives me fiber and tastes like a dessert.

I just noticed we have the same birthday! You are one year younger than me though. That is too funny!

Re: Help with monotonous diet...please!!!!

Postby Guest » 25 Jan 2008, 16:44

That's too funny that we have the same bday, Lecia. We'll have to plan an internet birthday celebration this year! lol

Re: Help with monotonous diet...please!!!!

Postby Guest » 25 Jan 2008, 17:01

Yes, with virtual cake and ice cream!!!

My favorite is Red Velvet Cake and French vanilla ice cream! What about you?

Re: Help with monotonous diet...please!!!!

Postby buttgirl » 25 Jan 2008, 17:13

You could try mixing in vietnamese, japanese, thai or indian foods for lunch or dinner.
I like rice vermicelli--rice noodles in a sweet-salty sauce with lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, basil, peanuts, and small pieces of meat.
I also like japanese food. grilled eggplant with soy and ginger is fantastic, especially with rice. Also miso soup and umeboshi plums with rice are yummy. Miso is fermented and has lovely strains of probiotics--good for the tum-tum!! teriyaki tofu and veggies is good too.
Indian food is also friendly provided it is not to spicy in terms of capsaicin. I like bhangan bharta (sp?) over rice. Also palak paneer is good.
I also found a korean dish called japche the other day. It is a mushroom and rice noodle dish that is delicious.
Thai curry is also nice. It is heavy on the coconut milk and veggies. Just be sure to get one that isn't spicy. And Pad-se-eww is good too. It has veggies eggs and flat noodles and small bits of meat if you want it all in a nice sweet/alty sauce.
All of these are mainly veggie dishes, with soft, cooked veggies. they are easy to digest and have never cause me a hard bm. What gives them flavor is herbs and spices and fermented this and that, rahter than fat and sugar.
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Re: Help with monotonous diet...please!!!!

Postby Guest » 25 Jan 2008, 17:35

Lecia - red velvet is delicious! I'm a certified choco-holic (or at least i Although, as good as red velvet sounds, a yellow layer cake with chocolate icing sounds divine. (completely homemade, of course - icing out of a can doesn't hold a candle to the real thing) French vanilla would work for me, too. Or vanilla bean and apple pie...I'm drooling

Re: Help with monotonous diet...please!!!!

Postby Guest » 26 Jan 2008, 12:41

I know what you mean. I was a chocoholic in a major way. I love dark chocolate! I also love toblerone bars. I love cocoa pebbles! And nuts and chocolate and well, anything with chocolate!

I love homemade cakes with real frosting. I love wedding cakes. I would go to a wedding just to snarf down some cake, but they give you such teensy tiny slices!!!!

Vanilla bean totally rocks!

As far as real food we can eat I do eat protein bars to help satisfy my sweet tooth. There are some powerbars like vanilla yogurt flavored that taste pretty decent. It has 300 calories a bar and 20 grams of protein. I just kind of nibble on one throughout the day since I don't eat meat.

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