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Re: Fissure after forceps delivery

Postby missy moo » 08 Feb 2018, 14:31

Hi ash my Botox is booked for the 12th of Feb so in 3 days I'm also having a fissurectomy which is when they. Remove the fissure which has become scar tissue which keeps ripping this procedure will make it a fresh fissure so its easier to heal compared to healing a tough bit of scar tissue I've had my fissure for 4.5 years hence why it's turned into a build up of scar tissue, anyway I'm freaking out about the surgery because I've never had surgery or been put to sleep before an I have a 4.5 years old an a nearly one year old to look after so I'm worried it will be hard an only my partner knows about my up an coming surgery so it's stressful not having support or understanding but I'm family isn't an open one. I live in nz by the way so I'm lucky we have a good free health system so it's not costing my family anything. Now I would so keep at the cream it's really good stuff it worked for me for 8 weeks but my fissure is to old for it to work long term because of the scrap tissue build up bit that cream is great for newer fissures an since your fissure wasn't caused by yourself you have a great chance of healing with it but if I was you I wouldn't keep at it for to long if your getting setbacks give it a good try but if it keeps coming back go for the Botox you want to get it sorted with either cream or Botox before it turns to a big build up of scar tissue because then you'll need the fissure to be removed aswel as Botox like me the tail bone pain I think is just the spasms the can radiate to other place an should stop after your fissure is healed I no way believe it's from the cream but talk to your doctor make sure your stools are soft every day an use the cream 3x a day spread it out through the day I have a feeling this will work for you tell yourself this is it I'm healing once an for good be real positive an don't think about what ifs I really believe being positive helps alot more then anything but earlier said then done, follow my story it's in the general fissure discussion section it's called fissurectomy an Botox I'll be writing everyday after my procedure. Good luck
missy moo
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