37F and just had LIS!

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Re: 37F and just had LIS!

Postby Worstyear » 10 Jun 2022, 08:49

missy moo wrote:I'm still doing ok had a week were things were sore not the same 8yr old anterior fissure but a newer posterior fissure its fine now but i was just wondering am i the only original poster to still not of had surgery? It seems like everyone whos been hanging around this site with me for years has made that jump an had lis. I mite need it one day if i get any posterior or anterior flear ups in the future but i definitely think i heal faster with bigger more normally formed bms then the inconsistencies of bms caused by softeners. I wish everyone a beautiful future please all come back an update some day, and see if I'm still here. Updates as we all know are super important. Take care

Hi Missy! I understand how hard is to take the surgery route. I don't want to give stupid advice since everyone is different and have tons of reasons to do it or not. Not everyone has access to a proper medical care or money to do so. Each country and body is different. I had bigger bms the last 4 months and didn't change a lot but my problem was quite lighter than yours or others that post here.
I just can tell you that even with a fissurectomy done and huge piles removal, plus the conservative LIS, pain is more manageable (with meds of course) than fissure spasms. I don't know how this will go long term as just 3 days have passed but I believe my case was easy to solve for the surgeon.
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